The self-service draft pouring station

From today,
“pull your own beer”

About us

Everyone knows exactly how they like their beer, so why not let them pour their own.

We at Beera Station are creating a unique, new beer pouring experience. The station allows users to control the quantity and type of beer they pour themselves, while bringing down costs and waiting time, maintaining hygiene, and helping conserve the environment. We make beer accessible and available, and create a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

How it works

Use app or credit card
Choose your beer
Pull your draft and enjoy


The station operated by beer tap and a touchscreen.The payment is  made at the app or credit-card.

This Station can be connected to any exiting beer tap, turning your regular draft outlet into a self-service draft pouring station.

Where to find us


Festivals, sport events,
ctering and more.

Out and about by day

Office cafeteria and shared work spaces, restaurants, campuses, gyms, hotels, conference and exhibition halls.

A night on the town

Pubs , clubs, bars and beer halls, stadiums, concerts and karaoke bars.

The app

More than just a Draft!

with the help of the interactive Beera Station app, one can build and engage with a community of followers and customers, targeting them with deals, special offers, and promotions

Get a Station for your business

Want to reduce manpower costs, and install a Berra Station?
Want to introduce new revenue potential?
Want to increase your customer base?